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Anyone who has seen the shattered castles that lie ruined on the vertiginous crags of Languedoc in southern France can sense that a terrible tragedy befell this region. A whole way of life was wiped out here 800 years ago.

The people who perished were the Cathars. Almost all we know about them comes from their enemies. Conspiracy theorists and mystery mongers have peddled endless fantasies about them. Their long lost treasure is alleged to have included the Holy Grail and the Shroud of Turin. The Da Vinci Code even suggested they were the descendants of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, who had somehow ended up in the south of France. But their true story is far more exciting.

Just like us, the Cathars of Languedoc were human, passionate and flawed. And they made one terrible mistake: they offended the great political power of their time. As a result they became victims of barbarous persecution and a terror campaign at the hands of the Inquisition. Their bodies were burned; their homes destroyed; their enemies did all in their power to eradicate everything they stood for. They had one last hope: a tiny hilltop fortress called Montsegur. Hundreds of them would eventually die there after a heroic last stand; but their faith gave them super- human strength in the face of death and oblivion and set them among the immortals.

This film is their story.

In association with Hardy Pictures
Producer: Robert Eagle
Director: Justin Hardy
Writer: Joanne Harris