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Grandpa Chatterji

When grandpa from hell meets grandpa from India, family life will never be the same again.

Grandpa Chatterji is the hilarious story of a happy, argumentative Asian family in the UK, adapted for television by author Jamila Gavin.

Two talented newcomers to television drama, Varshini Thiagalingam and Naveed Mirza, play Neetu and her brother Sanjay, who are afflicted with two very weird grandpas.

There's Grandpa Leicester (Saeed Jaffrey), strict and old-fashioned, who insists that the children eat up their spinach. And there's crazy Grandpa Chatterji (Roshan Seth), who arrives from Kolkata like a whirlwind in a dhoti, practises yoga on the lawn, and takes Sanjay and Neetu on a secret trip to the fair. When the two grandpas meet, the children’s stressed-out parents (Sakuntala Ramanee and Paul Bhattacharjee) can barely contain their terror. But Chatterji and Leicester settle their differences by embarking on a wild spree of traditional cookery.

With its eccentric, true-to-life characters seen from a young point of view, Grandpa Chatterji is a family story of universal appeal from a popular, award-winning author.

Director: Indra Bhose
Producers: Robert Eagle and Catharine Alen-Buckley

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Programme distribution: 4Learning +44-207 306 5572